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Solar Powered Message Boards/ Arrow Boards/ Speed Raders
 Message Boards (Solar Powered)

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Product Details

Reasons  you chose our message boards

In Stock in Fort McMurray

You don't want to wait few weeks to get your order delivered. You can expect to get our Solar-Tech message boards/ Arrow Boards / Speed Radar in timely manner. 

5-Year Warranty

These days, many companies want you to pay extra for a comprehensive warranty. At TS Signs we do things a bit differently. We stand behind our products. When dealing with traffic safety and keeping road crews and the public out of harm's way, there is no compromising- the equipment must work reliably 24-7.

We include a standard 5-year bumper to bumper warranty on every type of Solar Tech message board. Considering the harsh environment that much of your equipment will be subjected to, that kind of reassurance is priceless.- That's value - and it's included for free!

Ease of Use

Nothing could be easier to use than Solar Tech's Mega-Tech Touchscreen Controller.

Designed to be as simple or as sophisticated as the situation requires, the Mega Tech controller is, by far, the most advanced controller in the industry.

In fact, using the Mega-Tech controller is so simple you won't even need a user manual! Once you see how easy it is to use, you won't even want to use anything else


There is no question that Solar-Tech manufactures the most rock-solid, reliable equipment in the industry. 

In the event that something does go wrong with your equipment, you can count on our customer service to get you back in action quickly and efficiently.

Ease of Maintenance

From quick, easy componenet replacement to advanced self-diagnostics, Solar Tech equipment is as close to "maintenance-free" as equipment can get.