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Custom Sizes & Material

Custom Sizes that have irregular dimensions from basic cuts or are special order sizes
Custom Sizes can be produced from: Aluminum, Lamacoid, Crezone, Dibond, AlumaCorr,  Coroplast, and more!
Some ideas of custom signage in off-cut sizes are parking signs, traffic signs, construction signs with custom dimensions or messages, yard signs, real estate signs, and directional signage.  Let us know what you are trying to accomplish with your signage and budget and we can help you decide on the best materials & application. 

Model: AlumaCorr
Two-sided aluminum sign panel with a corrugated plastic core. This material has a long life and is lightweight, yet rigid. The surface is a high gloss baked enamel which will not swell, rot or corrode. The substrate comes in 12 colors is a 1/4" thickness, and only in white with a 3/8" thickness. Thi..
Model: Coroplast
Corrugated plastic material that consists of a lightweight twin wall plastic , with inside corrugated flutes. Coroplast is mostly used for short term applications, either indoor or outdoor.  Corrugated plastic is cost effective and comes in a variety of colors. Coroplast can be used for several..
Model: Crezone
Is a treated wood that has special paper that is impregnated with resin on either one or two sides. The board has a plywood core  and comes factory primed, and shop painted white, ready for vinyl application. Crezone is great for outdoor applications and makes for an incredibly strong sign that..
Model: Dibond
Dibond consists of two sheets of 012 gauge aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. It is intended for such applications as screen printed signage, free-standing displays, billboards, street and store front signs...
Model: Lamacoid Signs & Tags
Lamacoid is a hard plastic material that is laser engraved with text, symbols and graphics.Applications include: Interior Signs, Exterior Signs, Badges, Trophy Plates, Safety Signs, Industrial Signage & Legend Plates.Our stock lamacoid is available in a a wide variety of colors 1/16" thick. Long..
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