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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-1-l-single-left-sharp-turn
Left Sharp Turn..
Model: wa-1-r-single-right-sharp-turn
Right Sharp Turn..
Model: wa-100-sharp-shoulder
Sharp Shoulder..
Model: wa-106-rumble-strips
Rumble Strips..
Model: wa-106a-rumble-strips-200-m
Rumble Strips 200 m..
Model: wa-106b-rumble-strips-ahead
Rumble Strips Ahead..
Model: wa-109-divided-highway-ends-2-km-(2-lights)
Divided Highway Ends 2 km (2 Lights not included)..
Model: wa-10a-ramp-advisory-speed-sign
Ramp Advisory Speed..
Model: wa-10b-ramp-ahead-advisory-speed-sign
Ramp Ahead Advisory Speed..
Model: wa-11-concealed-road
Concealed Road..
Model: wa-110--divided-highway-begins-2-km
Divided Highway Begins 2 km..
Model: wa-112-l-added-lane-left
Added Lane (Left)..
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