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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-15-y-intersection
"Y" Intersection..
Model: wa-16-l-merge-from-left
Merge from Left..
Model: wa-16-r-merge-from-right
Merge from Right..
Model: wa-17-double-arrow
Double Arrow..
Model: wa-18-railing-crossing-ahead
WA-18 Railing Crossing Ahead..
Model: wa-18-l-railway-crossing-ahead-skew-left
WA-18-L Railway Crossing Ahead - Skew Left..
Model: wa-18-r-railway-crossing-ahead-skew-right
WA-18-R Railway Crossing Ahead - Skew Right..
Model: wa-19-lcross-road-railway-crossing-left-from-t
WA-19-L Cross-Road Railway Crossing Left From T..
Model: wa-19-r-cross-road-railway-crossing-right-from-t
Cross-Road Railway Crossing Right From T..
Model: wa-2-l-signal-left-turn-curve
Single Left Turn Curve..
Model: wa-2-r-single-right-turn-curve
Single Right Turn Curve..
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