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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-21a-t-use-lower-gear-tab
Use Lower Gear..
Model: wa-21b-t-percentage-grade-and-distance
Percentage Grade And Distance ... Km..
Model: wa-22b-t-rough-road
Rough Road..
Model: wa-23-road-narrows
WA-23 Road Narrows..
Model: wa-23-l-road-narrows
WA-23-L Road Narrows From Left..
Model: wa-23-r-road-narrows
WA-23-R Road Narrows From Right..
Model: aw-23-t-road-narrows-tab
Road Narrows..
Model: wa-24-narrow-structure
Narrow Structure..
Model: wa-24-a-t-one-lane-tab
WA-24A-T One Lane..
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