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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-24b-t-one-lane-bridge
WA-24B-T One Lane Bridge..
Model: wa-24-road-narrows
WA-24C-T Narrow Bridge..
Model: wa-25-pavement-ends
Pavement Ends..
Model: wa-25-t-pavement-ends-tab
Pavement Ends..
Model: wa-26-low-clearance-content-variable
Low Clearance..
Model: wa-26x-low-clearance-with-striped-border
Low Clearance (with Striped Border)..
Model: wa-27-low-clearance-content-variable
Low Clearance..
Model: wa-28-t-distance-to-warning-item-tab
Distance to Warning Item for Use with WA Series Signs..
Model: wa-3-l-single-left-turn-curve
Single Left Turn Curve..
Model: wa-3-r-single-right-turn-curve
Single Right Turn Curve..
Model: wa-31-divided-highway-begins
Divided Highway Begins..
Model: wa-31-t-divided-highway-begins-tab
Divided Highway Begins..
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