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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-32-divided-highway-ends
Divided Highway Ends..
Model: wa-32-t-divided-highway-ends-tab
Divided Highway Ends..
Model: wa-33-l-left-lane-ends
Left Lane Ends..
Model: wa-33-r-right-lane-ends
Right Lane Ends..
Model: wa-33a-tl-left-lane-ends-tab
WA-33A-TL Left Lane Ends..
Model: wa-33a-tr-right-lane-ends-tab
L Road Narrows - Loss Of Lane..
Model: wa-33x-l-road-narrows-loss-of-lane
R Road Narrows - Loss Of Lane..
Model: wa-33x-r-road-narrows-loss-of-lane
Road Narrows - Loss Of Lane..
Model: wa-34-divided-highway-ahead
Divided Highway Ahead..
Model: wa-34-t-divided-highway-tab
Divided Highway..
Model: wa-36-hazard-marker-centre
Hazard Marker - Centre..
Model: wa-36-l-hazard-marker-object-on-left
Hazard Marker - Object On Left..
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