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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-36-r-hazard-marker-object-on-right
Hazard Marker - Object On Right..
Model: wa-37-l-left-lane-endsxx-km-overhead-sign
Left Lane Ends XX KM (Overhead Sign)..
Model: wa-37-r-right-lane-ends-xxkm-overhead-sign
Right Lane Ends XX KM (Overhead Sign)..
Model: wa-38-roundabout-directional
Roundabout Directional..
Model: wa-39-roundabout-ahead
Roundabout Ahead..
Model: wa-4-l-left-reverse-turn
L Left Reverse Turn..
Model: wa-4-r-right-reverse-turn
R Right Reverse Turn..
Model: wa-40-be-courteous-merge-traffic-ahead
Be Courteous Merge Traffic Ahead..
Model: wa-5-l-left-reverse-curve
Left Reverse Curve..
Model: wa-5-r-right-reverse-curve
Right Reverse Curve..
Model: wa-510-t
__m (Or) __km Distance To Warning Item..
Model: wa-6-l-winding-road
L Winding Road..
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