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WA: Physical condition signs indicate features or conditions on the road itself.

Model: wa-6-r-winding-road
R Winding..
Model: wa-7-advisory-speed
Advisory Speed..
Model: wa-8-checkerboard-dead-end
Checkerboard - Dead End..
Model: wa-8-l-checkerboard-abrupt-turn
L Left Checkerboard..
Model: wa-8-r-checkerboard--abrupt-turn
R Right Checkerboard..
Model: wa-8-a-abrupt-right-or-left-turn
Bidirectional Checkerboard..
Model: wa-8b-no-exit-or-dead-end
No Exit (Or) Dead End..
Model: wa-9-chevron
Chevron Alignment..
Model: wa-98-soft-shoulder
Soft Shoulder..
Model: wa-99-narrow-shoulder
Narrow Shoulder..
Model: WA-20-L Cross-Road Railway Crossing Left From Cross Intersection
Model: WA-20-R Cross-Road Railway Crossing From Cross Intersection
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