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Regulatory/Parking (RB)

RB: Road use control signs indicate the permitted or prohibited use of a road.  The cub-class includes signs relating to the control of speed, turns, direction of travel, passing, traffic lane usage, vehicle weights and dimensions, parking and other uses.
Model: rb-11-l-no-left-turn
No Left Turn Symbol..
Model: rb-11-r-no-right-turn
No Right Turn Symbol..
Model: rb-11-tl-no-left-turn-tab
No Left Turn Symbol Wording..
Model: rb-11-tr-no-right-turn-tab
No Right Turn Symbol Wording..
Model: rb-14-l-turn-left
Turn Left..
Model: rb-14-r-turn-right
Turn Right..
Model: rb-14-tl-turn-left-tab
Turn Left Wording..
Model: rb-14-tr-turn-right-tab
Turn Right Wording..
Model: rb-15-no-turns
No Turns Symbol..
Model: rb-16-no-u-turns
No U-Turn Symbol..
Model: rb-201-road-ban
Road Ban..
Model: rb-202-maximum-weight-tonnes-bridges
Maximum Weight - Tonnes - Bridges..
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