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Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

Model: Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Systems
With two lights facing back-to-back, these pole-top mounted flashing beacons can be used to create a bi-directional pedestrian crossing. They can also be positioned side-by-side for added attention facing one direction.CrosswalksGreat for any mid-block or uncontrolled crosswalk.AttractionsCasinos an..
Our most popular crosswalk beacon, the Dual-Sided RRFB is ideal for crosswalks which need a bi-directional, attention-getting enhancement to signage. The AB-9400 features two 3” x 7” rectangular LED signals facing each direction of traffic and optional tell-tale LED(s) on the end(s) to indicate to p..
Model: Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Systems - Dual - Vertical
This unit is designed to be vertically mounted around a warning sign, with one beacon above and one below. With two LED signals, this unit can be used at pedestrian crossings that need a lot more attention. They can be setup with a synchronized or wig-wag pattern to fit a variety of needs.Crosswalks..
Model: Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Systems - Single-Sided RRFB
Model: Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Systems Overhead
With two lights, these pedestrian-activated flashing beacons are designed to be mounted directly to an overhead horizontal mast arm with a warning sign between them. They are perfect for larger, multi-lane roads or streets heavily used by trucks and buses that might obscure curb-side beacons from dr..
Model: Pedestrian Activated Remote Transmitter
The Pedestrian Activated Remote transmitter is used to wirelessly activate one or more flashing beacons. Mounted on its own separate pole, it is connected to a pedestrian push button or other activation device, and can communicate with flashing beacons up to ½ mile away, with line-of-sight. It is pr..
Model: Programmable Beacons with Diagnostics/Remote Activation
This series of beacons run on a preset schedule and are ideal for school zone speed limit signs installed on the roads surrounding a schoolyard, or at crosswalks that would benefit from scheduled flash periods at the busiest times of day or night. They can also be used for roadways and highways that..
Model: Solar Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign
Our solar crosswalk system is the new standard for mid-block crosswalks. This crosswalk system is completely autonomous and reliable. Each unit is solar powered and does not require external power. The units within this crosswalk system communicate with spread spectrum radio. What this means is ..
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