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Send The Right Message With The Right Graphic Design


Graphic design is one of the most important elements of your marketing strategy. Without it, your message will get lost in the clutter and you may lose significant clients. If you don’t want to get out of business because you didn’t hire a graphic design company sooner, read this article to find out more how a good graphic design can save your marketing campaign from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray.

Color psychology helps you craft a better message

Knowing who your target audience is will definitely play an important role in the way the graphic designer will incorporate colors and visual elements to send the right message to the right people. Depending on the medium you are addressing (corporate, families, schools, health, business), the graphic design will be different from the point of view of colors. For example, if you want to send a message to those looking for insurance, the colors that can be used in the graphic design can be blue or green. These colors inspire trust and have a calming effect.

Reaching out to the right audience

Speaking of the right audience, you can’t create a childish graphic design if you are addressing a group of important business people. Well, you could if you were trying to get them to enroll their kids to your school, but not if you want to make them your partners. Discuss your goals with the graphic design company and make sure they understand what action you want your audience to take: call? Send you an email? Buy from you?

A picture says a thousand words: using the right graphics and the right style

As you can see, graphic design plays a crucial role in every marketing campaign, whether we are talking about message boards or online marketing materials. If you want to find out more about graphic design services in your area from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray then contact a representative of TS Signs today. 

Real Estate Signs in FT McMurray and St Albert

Selling Your Home? Sell It Faster With Real Estate Signs


When you decide it is time to move on and you want to sell your home quickly, you’d better get your message out soon. Apart from “doing the do” and contacting a real estate agent, make sure that they are also taking the appropriate actions to promote your house for sale.

For example, real estate signs are very valuable when you want to spread the word about your property being for sale. People have been using real estate signs in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray for decades, not because they look good on your freshly mowed lawn, but because they do their job efficiently.

What are the most important pieces of information to include on real estate signs?

Here is a short list of the things that should appear on the real estate signs that promote your house for sale.

First of all, there should be the announcement: House for sale. Without it, people will have no idea why you put the sign out there.

Secondly, the sign should state the real estate company that is trying to sell the house. The sign should also provide a method of contacting the real estate agency. For example, nowadays you can include a phone number, a website address, a physical address of the real estate company, and an email address. Some people prefer to give a call and book a meeting with the real estate agent, while others find it easier to just write an email with their inquiries about the property for sale.

There are also blank real estate signs available for purchase in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray. You can design them yourself or, if you are creative, you can give the signs an entirely new meaning… for example, you could encourage your children to draw on them, or you could use them as a Welcome message for your wedding reception.

For more information about real estate signs contact a representative from TS Signs in your area from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray today.

Signs and Banners in Fort McMurray

Signs and banners that promote advertise and convert

Signs are invaluable in business and society as a whole.   They are all around us and help us to navigate, warn us about potential dangers and indicate the names of shops, streets and places. Signs inform, promote, sell and convert. A world without signs will be chaotic and a business without signage won’t be in business for long. TS Signs is your single source solution for signs and banners in Fort McMurray and Ft McMurray.

They manufacture and sell all kinds of signs including traffic signs, customs signs, speciality signs and even solar powered signs.  Banners are a special type of sign that are great for marketing and advertising. They are highly visible and can be located at strategic places for maximum effect. Whether you are launching a new product, promoting a sale or opening a new store, banners can grab attention, inform and convert. For example popup banners are great for trade shows and traditional banners can used for almost any promotional purpose.

You can get banners in different sizes, shapes, styles and designs. Popular sizes are are   2′ x 6′  –  3′ x 8′  –  3′ x 10′  –  4′ x 8′  –  4′ x 12′ but you can order a different size if that will work better for you. TS banners are produced from 13 Oz banner material and can contain text, graphics and be produced in full color as well.

You can order banners and custom signs that are personalised for your needs and business purposes. They can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor use from materials such as coroplast, aluminum, lamacoid, crezone, dibond and alumacorr.  The team at TS Signs will advise you regarding the best materials and substrates for your banners and signs so you get the best value for your budget and your intended applications.

Graphic Design in Fort McMurray

Graphic design can help get your message across more effectively

Graphic design is an important part of sign creation that requires specific skills, innovation, creativity and artistic ability. TS Signs provides graphics design and signage services in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray.

Proper graphic design will help to communicate your message in a more effective way. Whether you are using signs, message boards or some other visual media, you want to get the graphic design aspect right. Maybe you just need something basic or perhaps you need something more unique and distinctive.  Graphic designers can help you to get your message across in a way that grabs attention.

Graphic designers use cutting edge software and related design tools to create the output you need, This usually is a combination of text, images and colors that can be created on various visual media such as signs, business cards, vehicle graphics, canopies, awnings, brochures etc.

Signs are an excellent way to get your message across. They are usually highly visible and in the right location they will grab the attention of passers-by. Message boards are a particularly popular type of sign that you can use to display whatever message you have in mind. Many traffic signs and messages are in the form of message boards such as the Solar-Tech message boards. However there are many other types of message board signs and applications such as electronic led signs, display signs, gas price signs, currency exchange signs, airport arrival and departure boards and many more.

Most message boards are in the form of electronic signs that can be used to advertise and inform. For example road safety signs and messages are vital to the safety and wellbeing of drivers and road users.  Most electronic message boards are programmable and can be used for just about any application such as a name sign or a scrolling message or  a combination of text and graphics.

Logo Design in and around Fort Mcmurray, Ft Mcmurray

Logo Design Guidelines: What Are The Common Traits Of World’s Most Successful Logos?




What is the secret recipe of a logo’s success? What makes it memorable, unforgettable, unique? We’ve analyzed the four common features of some of the most successful logo design ideas, and here are our results…

1.     Simplicity

Wanna make your logo classic? Then keep it simple. If you don’t like the “classic” or “retro” designs of world famous logos, you can try creating a minimalistic logo. Something that suggests what your company is about. If that doesn’t work for you either, then you can simply write your company name using a nice, simple font. It doesn’t get simpler than that, we tell you.

2.     The logo design is not influenced by passing trends, it is timeless

Speaking of retro, minimal, and classic, timeless logos are not created on the spur of a moment, neither are they heavily influenced by a trend. They are created with identity in mind, they have personality, and represent the traits of the business (or brand) they are created for.

3.     Logo design should be representative for your business & industry

And here we’re talking about colors. You can learn more about color psychology if you contact a graphic design expert from TS Signs.

4.     Easily identifiable

Your company’s success does not depend on your logo’s design; however, it is vital for your business to be easily identifiable by your customers and prospects. So if you need a logo that stands out and makes your business visible in the “crowd of brands”, then you should definitely start creating an identity for your business; in other words, create a brand. A brand is born with logo design and it is matured with graphic design.

If you want to find out more about logo design, or if you need graphic design services for your company’s visual identity, then contact a representative of TS Signs in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray now.

Types of signs available at a sign shop from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray

Get Your Custom Signs Done By A Sign Shop Near You


The internet is full of fun stuff, and for someone with a lot of imagination like you, it won’t be very difficult to use the tools the internet provides to create unique signs for your business. You can have them printed at a sign shop near you in Fort McMurray (Ft McMurray).

For example, did you know that you can create custom signs for your company online? Whether it is flags, banners, engraved signs, or LED signs, you can design those signs yourself. What if you lack any design expertise? TS Signs puts at your disposal a series of signage templates to choose from. However, if your signage needs are unique, we can work together to decide upon the best solution for your requirements.

What is the process of creating custom signage?

When you contact the sign shop from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray you will first explain the sign designers your needs. Then, if you cannot decide from the list of available templates and patterns, you will be asked to choose the materials and colors yourself. You can also work closely with the sign designers to create a fully customized sign for you.

Types of signs available at a sign shop from Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray

There are four main sign categories depending on what you’re aiming to achieve. However, the materials from which these signs are created, their use, and their goals can be different from one project to another.

Here is a list of the situations in which you may need to contact the TS Signs sign shop:

–          Fundraising campaigns

–          Weddings

–          Patriotic events

–          Sports and games

–          Parties

–          Religious events

–          Company logos and company sign display

For more information about signs or about creating your own custom sign at the sign shop, contact a representative from TS Signs in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray now.

A professional sign shop in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray or St Albert

A professional sign shop remains current with technology

Without signs life will be rather chaotic. We won’t know where to go, what a specific shop is all about, where to find bargains, what is on offer, where is danger, where to be careful, what street to turn into and so on..  Every company or organization uses some form of signage for communication and marketing. A professional sign shop can help you maximize the benefits you get from signage.

TS Signs is a recommended sign shop servicing the businesses and organizations in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray.  Whether you need road safety signs, general business signs, custom signs, LED signs, solar powered signs, message board signs, traffic signs or any other type of sign, they can help you with your requirements. 

Signs communicate information. We live in a world that revolves around information, whether online or offline. Signs can provide useful information that help people find their way, warn people of danger, indicate locations, tell people about specials and so on. 

Signs are everywhere, indoors and outdoors. We find them on shop fronts, inside stores, on the road, at airports, in hospitals, in government departments and just about anywhere else you can think of. People don’t just rely on signs, they are dependent on them. So you can understand that you can use signage to substantially improve your business, service or organization. 

All these signs are manufactured by one or other sign shop or manufacturer. So what should you look for in a sign shop?  Well locality could be important.  It will be easier dealing with a sign shop around the corner that one in another state. A professional sign shop will also offer supplemental and complementary services such as design, engraving, printing and promotions.  You would also expect your sign company to remain current with technology and offer the lasted in advanced design and production methods and techniques.

Logo and Graphic Design in Ft McMurray, Fort McMurray, St Albert

Logo design needs to cater for different visual platforms

Your logo is an important part of your branding and an item you will use across many types of visual media.  Professional and innovative logo design can help improve your branding by helping you create a logo that is distinctive and easily recognizable. TS Signs offers a variety of graphic design services in Fort McMurray, Ft McMurray and can help your with effective logo design, business card design, letterhead design, brochure design and vehicle graphics.

When it comes to logo design you need something that reflects your business and the image you are after. You want to deal with a designer that can transform your vision. You want a designer who takes time to understand your business products and your target market. This way the designer can come up with a distinctive design that stands out from the crowd.

Most designers will provide you with 2 or 3 mock-ups from which you choose the prototype that you think best reflects your companies image and goals. This prototype will then be transformed into a an end product. You will still have the opportunity to request a few last changes before the logo is finalised.

You will use your logo across many visual platforms such as your letterheads, business cards, websites and social media pages. Therefore careful consideration has to be given to things such as size, color and scalability.  This is particularly important when it comes to your online presence as you would want your logo to appear visually pleasing and striking across all main stream devices such as desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Once your logo is designed you need to be sure you get all the vector source files including the actual logo jpeg and png files. Other vector graphic file could include ai, eps and psd files. These files are important should you wish to make changes to your logo in the future.

In Need Of Custom Signs in Ft McMurray?

Custom signs are signs created for a particular client, for a particular event or place. It is not uncommon for clients who ask for custom signs in Fort McMurray (Ft McMurray) to also need custom design services.

The first and most important aspect of a custom sign is to be practical. Therefore, the design part of the customization process is extremely relevant for this. It all depends on the designer’s ability to first understand the message that the client wants to transmit, and then to create a sign that comprises this message and communicates it in a way that is easy to understand by everyone.

Custom signs can be used on various applications. They can be created either for outdoor use, or for indoor use. They can be created of various materials, but each material comes at a different prince.

If you are in need of custom signs in Fort McMurray (Ft McMurray) it is better to address a custom signs company representative and discuss the matter into further detail with them. The representative can advise on the best colors and materials to use, but at the same time they will keep an eye on your budget and expected delivery date.

Here is a short list of materials that are usually used to create custom signs: alumacorr, crezone, coroplast, dibond, aluminum, lamacoid. The signs that can be customized are usually banners, flags, LED signs or engraved signs.

What are the most popular types of custom signs?

People who need custom signs want to use them in the following areas: yard signs, real estate signs, parking signs, traffic signs. Even though there is a set of standard construction signs, sometimes a construction project requires a construction sign of specific dimensions; therefore, the custom signs services come in handy in this situation. 

Construction Signs, Saving Lives in Ft McMurray

Nowadays construction signs are everywhere; we can see them used on the streets, in buildings, in town, outside cities, on the roads, on highways, in Fort McMurray (Ft McMurray), everywhere. The importance of construction signs is essential to the success of every construction project.

Why are construction signs so useful?

People are communicative, sociable beings. We communicate with each other through a variety of communication tools: speech, signs, drawings, etc. We send messages with the use of signs.

Construction signs are a set of messages that are meant to warn people and keep them safe from dangerous situations. These signs also send messages to people – usually drivers – telling them the actions they need to take in order to avoid an accident. These actions can be: slowing down, stopping, detour, closed street, and so on.

For example, message boards are heavily used on highways to indicate that a road is potentially dangerous to drivers. They can also indicate that work is undergoing in a certain area.

There are different types of construction signs: solar powered, electric, with or without warning lights, with or without written messages, and so on. Construction signs can also indicate traffic regulations. There are four main types of construction signs, as follows:

  1. WA – these are known as physical condition signs
  2. WB – this category is used to indicate regulation ahead
  3. WC – indicates that the driver’s response may be required; very often, these signs use intermittent light
  4. WD – the last category is the construction signs category; these signs are used to indicate work zones where workers operate near a roadway

There are at least 69 standard construction signs, but these can be personalized to reflect the type of work that is being undertaken, as well as the action that the driver needs to take in order to maintain road safety.

Construction signs can also be used in and around buildings that are being renovated or built; they are useful for people walking by, drivers, and even workers.