“Safety” is my middle name.

Safety Apparel

We live in the confines of a small city in a big region, surrounded by the infrastructure of oil & gas exploration, construction, forestry and natural resources management.  Our progress can only move forward with the implementation of a “culture of safety” in which everyone from labourers to CEO’s is aware of the importance of safety in their actions and their surroundings, all day, every day.

TS Signs is a key component in this “culture of safety”.


Tip 1.  Safety Training

It is essential to provide ALL employees with safety training. Layering in training that extends beyond the basics is necessary considering technology is continuously evolving and as accidents happen further training is essential.

Not only for liability concerns, but also as a reference when training and beyond, it is essential to have printed copies of your safety & training manuals for all employees.

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Tip 2.  Constant Safety Awareness

Providing your employees with graphic illustrations & messages around the office and work zone areas act as visual reminders and top of mind awareness for your safety program. Daily meetings and quick tip training are vital and should be implemented every day.

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 site safety sign

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Tip 3.  Safety Apparel & PPE

Ensuring your employees are wearing the necessary equipment is absolutely vital. From safety helmets (head) to foot protection (toe), always make certain the workforce is made aware of the safety apparel required in your business environment. High visibility apparel is also necessary to adequately protect workers from the hazards associated with low visibility. All employees exposed to public or private vehicle traffic should be provided with and should wear, warning vests or suitable garments marked with or made with reflective or hi visibility safety material.

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Tip 4.  High Visibility Signs & Accessories

stop sign

Work zone safety requires accessories that are necessary in providing safety. Work zones are not limited to road and highway work and industrial plant sites. They also include emergency response crews, landscapers, utility sites, construction crews and anywhere proper visibility is necessary for the safety of individuals. Hi visibility signage and accessories facilitate safety and awareness and is essential in work zones.

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Tip 5.  Safety Awards & Incentives

Once safety incentives or awards have been established, it is up to the employer to keep the staff informed on the status of their progress. Keep the work force well informed at all times by putting up charts, sending out emails, or giving weekly reports, essentially do what can be done so that the employees know where they are in terms maintaining safety and where they need to go in order to meet the milestones and receive their incentive reward for incident free progress.

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safety awards

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