Everything is made of something.

The base material of sign construction is called the substrate.  TS Signs carries a wide variety of substrates to meet every customer requirement.  Substrates cover a range of versatility and life-expectancy depending on their usage, and most have multiple applications.

TS Signs can answer all of your questions and offer advice to help you obtain the best material for your particular needs.


Aluminum – We are able to produce many different signs with Aluminum, from indoor & outdoor applications. Aluminum is durable & rust free. Aluminum comes in .080 gauge thickness. Aluminum is usually used for parking signs, safety signs, street signs, and construction signs to name a few.


Baked Enamel – This aluminum-based sheeting comes in two colors, white and yellow, that have a glossy baked finish and is 0.063″ thick. If you are looking for just white it is available in various thickness. (.040 – .032 – .063 – .080)

Dibond – Dibond consists of two sheets of .012 gauge aluminum bonded to a thermoplastic core. It is intended for such applications as screen-printed signage, free-standing displays, billboards, street and store front signs.

There is also an alternate material choice called Alumacorr. Alumacorrr is a two sided aluminum sign panel with a corrugated plastic core. This material has a long life and is lightweight yet rigid. The surface is a high gloss baked enamel which will not swell, rot, or corrode. The substrate comes in 12 colors with a 1/4″ thickness, and only in white with a 3/8″ thickness. This substrate is used most for long term double sided outdoor signs, such as construction site signs and real estate signs.

Crezone – is a treated wood that has special paper that is impregnated with resin on either one or two sides. The board has a plywood core and comes factory primed, and shop painted white ready for vinyl application. Crezone is great for outdoor applications, and makes for an incredibly strong sign that will last a long time. This substrate is great for construction site signs, safety signs, real estate signage, apartment and property management signage, and much more.

Crezone comes in 4’x8’ sheets but our wood fabrication facility can cut and shape your order to any specs and shape you desire!

Coroplast – is a corrugated plastic material that consists of a lightweight twin wall plastic, with inside corrugated flutes. Coroplast is mostly used for short term applications, either indoor or outdoor. Corrugated plastic is cost effective, and comes in a variety of colors. Coroplast can be used for several different signs such as; directional signage, tradeshows, hole sponsors for golf outings, yard signs, and much more! The flutes of the corrugation allow for the signs to have step stakes, which can push in the ground.

Sintra – is composed of plastic and is lightweight, the standard thickness being 1/8″. This substrate can be used long-term indoors or short-term outdoors, and comes in an array of colors with a matte finish. Sintra is a durable material that can be installed, transported easily, and cut into unusual shapes. This substrate is great for informational signs, nameplates & nametags, tradeshow signs, hanging signs and many other uses.